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10 reasons to use us for your CBD products

  1.  We formulate our products. We don’t label someone else’s product, brand it, and call it our own. 
  2.  The owner of BIOATTAIN is a therapist, and botanical formulator with a specialty in anxiety, depression, pain, and energy.
  3. Product effectiveness and safety is our top priority. We go to great lengths to get our formulations right before offering it to the public.
  4. We source only the highest quality products: no pesticides, non-GMO, natural and organic ingredients, using only organic U.S. grown hemp.
  5. We combine the best of scientifically proven and clinically studied natural ingredients.
  6. Our formulas are proprietary, meaning you won’t find these combinations in other CBD products on the market.
  7. We manufacture in an FDA certified lab with third-party testing.
  8. It’s our passion to bring these powerful plant medicines to people who need them most.
  9. We are continually researching the newest and most effective ingredients for our products.
  10. Feel confident purchasing products created by health care professionals with over 30 years of experience. 

Flower of Life

The ubiquity of this beautifully satisfying geometric symbol is astonishing.  It appears in ancient Temples, it’s embroidered into Sultan’s clothes, carved into wood and chiseled into stone in ancient sites around the world.  The oldest example is believed to be 2500 years old. 

The design is simple consisting of a series of evenly spaced interlinking circles.  As more circles are added, the pattern emerges. The design is favored by religions, architects, and scientists alike.

Despite the simplicity of the design, hidden within it are subtle complexities that have such a profound meaning for some that they believe the Flower of Life depicts the fundamental forms of time and space. 

The most apparent symbols inherent within the Flower of Life are the circle, the hexagon or six-pointed start, and the vesica piscis.  Furthermore, three intersecting circles alone form a Borromean Ring, which is known as the Tripod of Life symbol.

There are many significant symbolic sequences derived from the circled version of the design; for example, Metatron’s Cube, the five Platonic solids, and the Kabbalistic tree of life can be discerned with the Flower of Life, as can the Seed of Life.

For many, the Flower of Life is a mystery which may well unlock the secret of the Universe, since they believe it contains a record of information about all living things.  

Founder and Pal Noah in the garden

Tina Frazier, Cht., OIM, is the founder and CEO of BIOATTAIN CBD. Her career started as a therapist and spiritual advisor, helping people with issues such as anxiety, fears, phobias, and habits. She was often asked in her private practice if she could recommend something natural and effective for acute symptoms. After years of research and certifications in aromatherapy, herbal, and botanical aromatic medicine, she started Tina’s Natural Products offering all-natural, therapeutic formulas with a focus on common everyday issues.

With the release of hemp-derived CBD in 2018, BIOATTAIN + CBD launched with proprietary formulas that infuse aromatherapy, herbalism, science, and CBD into highly effective natural blends for body, mind, and emotion.

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